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Benefits Overview: Out of Home Placement

Coordinated Care offers health insurance plans with comprehensive healthcare services that suit the needs of families and individuals throughout Washington.

View some of Coordinated Care's benefits below or view a printable detailed list of benefits (PDF).

***NEW***Coordinated Care Harvest Bucks (see below for more information).

Coordinated Care Harvest Bucks heart image

Adoption Success is our program designed to support adopted children and their families. At Coordinated Care, we know that the needs of children adopted through DCYF are unique, complex, and will change as they grow. Our Care Management staff are experienced and trained through the National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training Initiative. They partner with you to manage your child’s physical and emotional health.

Our staff are prepared to connect members and families with the resources you need:

  • Health coach for conditions like asthma, diabetes, and pediatric obesity
  • Adoption Competent Therapists 
  • Evidence-Based Practices for Trauma, Anxiety, Parenting challenges 
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy 
  • Support for LGBTQIA+:  We help find appropriate therapists to support youth and their Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) 
  • Gender-affirming healthcare 
  • Zero Suicide: a program to reduce suicidal thoughts and self-harm behaviors with ongoing support 
  • Parent Support
    • National Trauma-Informed Peer Support for Caregivers, provided by the Association for Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children (ATTACh). To join, email or call 612 861-4222 and identify yourself as a member of Coordinated Care, a Centene health plan. 
    • Local Parent Support Groups 


  • Adoption Competence Training: Coordinated Care advertises and encourages mental health therapists in Washington to attend trainings to expand their skills to help adoptees and their families 
  • For Professionals: We work with adult adoptees and adoptive parents to create a training for doctors, therapists, and other professionals who work with adoptive families. The training helps cultivate a better understanding of the needs of adopted youth. 
  • For Parents: Our Community Education Team offers the following trainings 
    • ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences study) 
    • Attachment: Beyond Infancy 
    • Childhood Development and the Impact of Trauma 
    • Resiliency 
    • Secondary Traumatic Stress and Self-Care 
    • Suicide Prevention 
    • Whole-Brain Parenting

We contract directly with providers in your community and throughout Washington to provide behavioral health services. 

Covered services include: 

  • High-intensity treatment, such as: 
  • Individual, group and family counseling services 
  • Inpatient psychiatric evaluation and treatment 
  • Medication management and monitoring: 
    • Opiate substitution treatment services 
    • Withdrawal management (detoxification) 
  • Mental health services provided in a residential setting 
  • Pregnant and Parenting Women (PPW) support services 
  • Psychological assessments 
  • Rehabilitation case management 
  • Screening for drug and alcohol use disorders 
  • Substance use disorder treatment

Coordinated Care can help you find a behavioral health provider, find local resources, plan an appointment and more. Call Member Services 1-844-354-9876 (TDD/TTY: 711).

Members 6-18 years-old get a no-cost Boys & Girls Club basic membership, covered by Coordinated Care. Show your Coordinated Care member ID card to get started.

Boys & Girls clubs offer:

  • fun after-school programs 
  • a safe place for kids and teens to be healthy and active 
  • mentoring and help with homework 
  • supportive connections

Care coordination and health coaching are part of your health benefits and are provided to you at no cost. Coordinated Care pays for these services. We provide services for many conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, ADHD, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, high-risk pregnancy and many more. Call Member Services at 1-844-354-9876 (TTD/TTY: 711).

Our Care Managers can help you understand and manage your chronic health conditions like diabetes or asthma. They provide education and personal help. Disease and care management are part of your health benefits with us. They are provided to you at no cost.

Apple Health Core Connections nurses and social workers work with you and your doctors to help you get the care you need. The nurse can also set up home health services, refer you for a MemberConnections® visit, or help you get other needed services.

In addition, you can work with a health coach and get educational materials to help you understand and take control of your health. Take advantage of the many resources we have for:

  • Heart disease
  • Tobacco cessation (Pediatric Tobacco Cessation – 12-17 years old)
  • Hypertension
  • Weight management (Pediatric Obesity – 2-17 years old)
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma

A member can personally refer themselves for these services or have a doctor refer you. Call Member Services to find out more about our care and disease management programs.

We have many programs to help meet your needs: 

  • Adoption Success - supporting members and families with evidence-based services in the pre, during and post adoption periods.
  • Adolescent to Adult (a2A) - connecting members to resources, health education and care as they transition to adulthood. 
  • Alcohol and drug use - screening, specialized care management, connection to treatment and support services 
  • Autism and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services 
  • Depression management
  • Support for LGBTQIA+ - we help you get the most out of your health care with service to support you and your sexual orientation and gender identity 
  • Care management for transgender health and gender-affirming care
  • Zero Suicide - our program for members to reduce suicidal thoughts and self-harm behaviors with ongoing support

Coordinated Care is proud to be working with SafeLink Wireless to offer you this special, federal program. As a member of our plan, you get all the same benefits of a SafeLink phone, plus unlimited text messages and calls to Coordinated Care member services. There is no added cost for these extras. 

As a Member, you receive

  • A free phone and 350 domestic minutes per month and 4.5 GB of data
  • The option to buy extra minutes at a discount. Only $0.10 per extra minute
  • The ability to make and receive calls from doctors, nurses, 911, family and friends
  • Communication access 24 hours a day
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Calls to Coordinated Care Member Services and our 24 hour nurse advice line that will not count towards the 350 minutes
  • The ability to take part in Coordinated Care text health programs

You are able to sign up for a phone if one of the two options below applies to you:

You already participate in one of the following assistance programs:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Community Options Program Entry System (COPES)
  • Disability Lifeline (formerly General Assistance)
  • DSHS Chore Service
  • Apple Health (Medicaid)
  • Refugee Assistance
  • State Family Assistance (SFA)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Food Stamps

Your total household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG).

Please check household persons and income level that applies. Eligibility may apply if your total household income is at or below the following guidelines:

Federal Poverty Guidelines Chart

How to Enroll:

  • If you already have a SafeLink phone, call 1-877-631-2550 so you can begin receiving the additional SafeLink benefits.
  • Visit to apply online.
  • Fill out an application and mail back to: USAC, Lifeline Support Center, P.O. Box 7081, London, KY 40742
  • Call SafeLink at 1-877-631-2550 to apply over the phone.

As a Coordinated Care Member, you can choose who you see for your healthcare needs from our network of Providers. We have many for you to choose from. If you need help choosing a doctor, call Member Services at 1-844-354-9876 (TTD/TTY: 711).

We offer community trainings on a variety of topics through a trauma-informed care lens. 

Trainings include: 

  • Apple Health Core Connections program overview
  • a2A (adolescent to Adult)
  • Childhood Development
  • Substance Use
  • Sexual Health in Foster Care: Skill-building for Caregivers
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)
  • Coping with Holiday Stress
  • Whole-Brained Parenting
  • Resiliency 

Contact the Community Education team to learn more or to schedule a training in your community. You can also view the current scheduled trainings under our Events section.

Coordinated Care Harvest Bucks heart image

***NEW BENEFIT: Coordinated Care Harvest BucksTM, fruit & vegetable prescription program (began July 2021)

Coordinated Care is partnering with the Washington State
Department of Health and Safeway to offer this new benefit to members.

Learn more about our fruit and vegetable program at

Call us at 1-877-644-4613 or email us at for more information about Coordinated Care Harvest BucksTM.

Dental Care is a service covered by Apple Health using your ProviderOne services card. You must use a dental provider that will bill Apple Health. Remember to contact your dental provider before setting up an appointment to see if they accept Apple Health.

Preventative care visits are covered by Coordinated Care. This means visiting the doctor for a regular check-up, rather than waiting until you are sick.

Coordinated Care covers an annual physical for adults.

Regular child check-ups are also covered for those under the age of 21. These doctor visits should occur at the below ages. Children also need a blood lead test at 12 and 24 months of age. We cover this. After that, if they are high risk, they need the blood lead test each year age 3 to 6.

  • Birth or neonatal exam
  • 2 to 4 days for newborns discharged less than 48 hours after delivery
  • By 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 4 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months
  • 15 months
  • 18 months
  • Once per year from 2 years old through 20 years old

Search for a provider in our network.

The flu virus changes every year. So, getting a yearly shot helps protect yourself and those around you. Plus, it’s available at no cost to you. 

Visit our flu shot page for more information on flu prevention. 

What is a Center of Excellence (COE)? Centers of Excellence are medical centers that have expertise in more than one area of medical service. They are created for youth in the child welfare system.

Foster Care COE’s goal is to make health care easier. Children and youth in foster care can see high quality, trauma-informed primary care providers. These providers understand the needs of child welfare involved families. The FCCOE can provide services to members on a one-time basis or serve as a Primary Care Provider. 

Schedule a visit or establish care with a COE:

Excelsior Family Medicine COE
9631 N Nevada St , Ste 202
Spokane, WA 99218
Phone: (509) 467-1100

The Pediatric Clinic at Harborview COE
325 9th Ave
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 744-3344 (Press 1)

Community Health Care Foster Adoption Clinic COE
1202 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone: (253) 722-1771

At Coordinated Care, we know that gender and identity journeys are different for each of our members.

With Coordinated Care, you can:

  • Select the right provider from our network so you feel comfortable asking questions and getting care.
  • Have a care manager who helps you navigate health care, assist in conversations with providers, and work with you to meet your goals. 
  • Take advantage of our resources and rewards programs to keep you healthy.

Wherever you are on your journey, we can support you with professional, caring staff and resources to get the most out of your health care.

Our Nurse Advice Line is ready to answer your health questions 24 hours a day – every day of the year. It is staffed with Registered Nurses. These nurses have spent lots of time caring for people. Now they are ready and eager to help you.

Feel free to contact our nurse advice line at any time 1-844-354-9876 (TTD/TTY: 711). Press 2 for Members, then press 2 to speak to a nurse.

Get the most from your Coordinated Care coverage by creating an online member account.

Use your member account to: 

  • get a digital version of your ID card
  • check your eligibility
  • find a provider or change your primary care provider
  • find out the status of an authorization request
  • check your MyHealthPays reward balance
  • and more!

Get started on our Login page and use the step-by-step directions to register. If you need help, call our Member Services team at 1-877-644-6413 (TTY: 711).

Coordinated Care provides the following resources:

  1. Interpreter Services – provided through the state, free of charge, during any service or grievance process. 1.    If you need an interpreter at your health care appointment, contact your doctor’s office ahead of time for them to arrange at no cost to you. If you have any questions, contact Coordinated Care Member Services at 1-844-354-9876 (TTY: 711).
  2. Translation of health coverage benefits -  Coordinated Care can also help translate available services. If you need something translated into a language other than English, please call Coordinated Care.
  3. Sign language, Braille, CD or Large Print - We can provide other aids for communication to members with visual impairments upon request.
  4. Language line assistance for questions or help in any language.
  5. The Coordinated Care provider directory notes providers who are accessible by ADA standards.
  6. Assistance finding a physician or practice that speaks your primary language as needed. Please call our Member Services at 1-844-354-9876 (TTD/TTY: 711).
  7. Some member resources are available translated on this site and are indicated by language following the title.

To request material in an alternative format, contact Coordinated Care at 1-844-354-9876 (TTD/TTY: 711).


We have a special program that helps you get care. The program connects you to community groups that can help. It’s called MemberConnections. A MemberConnections team member can talk to you on the phone. They will send you information and can visit your home. They will be glad to talk to you about:

  • How to choose a doctor (PCP)
  • How to change doctors
  • The healthcare you get at Coordinated Care
  • How to use Coordinated Care’s services
  • How to get medical advice when you can not see the doctor
  • How to live a healthy life
  • How to get shots and health screenings
  • Other healthcare problems you may have

MemberConnections representatives will connect you to community social service programs. These programs will help you with food, housing and clothing.

Connections Plus®

Connections Plus is a program for eligible Coordinated Care members. The program provides a cell phone at no cost to high-risk members who do not have safe, reliable access to a telephone. This program allows our members to have 24-hour access to physicians, care coordinators, telehealth services and 911. If you qualify, a MemberConnections Representative will come to your home to teach you how to use the phone.

Are You Pregnant? Tell Us Right Away!

If you are pregnant, please let us know by calling 1-877-644-4613 (TTY: 711). Or, you can login to your Coordinated Care account and fill out the Notification of Pregnancy (NOP) form.

Start Smart for Your Baby

Our Start Smart for Your Baby(Start Smart) program is for pregnant members and those who just had a baby. We want to help you take care of yourself and your baby every step of the way. Some benefits are:

  • Receive helpful advice and reminders with Text4Baby on your phone.
  • Receive a no-cost car seat or pack-n-play after you fill out a Notice of Pregnancy (NOP) form (must be completed six weeks before your due date).
  • Receive breastfeeding support and a free breast pump.*

After completing a Notification of Pregnancy form, you will be automatically enrolled in Start Smart.

*One free breast pump per lifetime

Talk to Birth Doulas and Breastfeeding Specialists with the Pacify App

Did you know? Coordinated Care now offers access to Pacify memberships – at no cost! Pacify connects you with:

  • Birth Doulas: Available 24/7 via video to answer any questions about your pregnancy and help prepare for a safe delivery
  • Pacify Lactation Consultants: Available 24/7 via video for breastfeeding support and feeding-related questions.
  • And more!

All at the touch of a button! There are no appointments required and you can call as often as you need to.

Start your membership today – it’s easy! Follow the steps here to receive your membership code.

Note: Pacify is only available to download in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Tips for Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, keep these things in mind:

  • Go before you show! Go to the doctor as soon as you think you are pregnant. It is important for you and your baby to see a doctor as early as possible. It will keep both of you healthy. It will also help your baby get off to a good start. It is even better to see a doctor before you are pregnant. This is so you can get your body ready for pregnancy.
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle habits. This includes exercising, eating balanced and healthy meals, and resting for 8-10 hours every night.
  • Do not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs now or while you’re pregnant.


Doctors and health organizations agree that breastfeeding is best. You may already know that breast milk is packed with the perfect mix of nutrients your baby needs. Did you know that it is also more than just food? Breast milk has special ingredients, like antibodies, that only you can provide. Breast pumps are helpful if you are breastfeeding and have to be away from your baby.

You take care of your health; we offer a way to earn reward dollars when you complete certain healthy behaviors.


  • Step 1: Complete a healthy activity.
  • Step 2: Reward dollars will be put on your Rewards Card after we receive the claim for your healthy activity. 
  • Step 3: If it's your first reward, a card will be mailed to you.

For a complete list of items you can buy, log in to your member account. Remember, this card is not a credit card. It already has funds on it. Keep the card after you use it. As you earn more rewards, they will be added to this card. 


To check your balance, log in to your member account.

The card cannot be used to buy alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, firearms or ammunition.  All rewards expire one year (365 days) from the date the reward is added to your card.  If you do not use or earn more rewards for 12 months, your card will close.  When your card closes, you will lose any remaining balance.  Your card expires 60 days after your coverage terminates.

Get medical advice, a diagnosis or a prescription for non-emergency issues by phone or video.

Use telehealth when you need it, or make an appointment for a time that works with your schedule.

Visit our Coordinated Care Telehealth page for more details about how to use telehealth. 

Our tobacco cessation program is designed to help members quit smoking and other tobacco use.

Program Goal: To reduce tobacco-related health risks by promoting cessation of all tobacco products.

Program Highlights

  • Expert coaching over the phone
  • Personalized plan to quit using tobacco
  • Evidence-based guides and education

Eligibility Criteria

  • Coordinated Care members (adults and teens)
  • Currently using tobacco in any form, including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, or e-cigarettes (“vape pens”). 
  • Willing to set a quit date within 30 days of enrollment in the program.

How to Enroll?

Members may self-refer or providers can refer members by calling:

Apple Health (Medicaid) – 1-866-274-5791, Ext. #6
Apple Health Core Connections (Foster Care) – 1-844-882-3827, Ext. #4

If you are a caregiver who has recently had a child in foster care placed in your home, we want to help. Call us at the Apple Health Core Connections phone number, 1-844-354-9876 (TTD/TTY: 711) so we can assist members with: 

  • PCP assignments and changes within 72 hours of a placement change
  • Replacing lost prescriptions
  • Connecting to Health Care Coordinators to help  manage chronic conditions, provide coaching, and make arrangements for needed medical services/supplies
  • 24 hour Nurse Advice Line

We are here for you. Please contact us with questions as soon as a placement change takes place so we can keep members cared for throughout the transitions.

Coordinated Care will cover eye exams every 12 months for members under age 21 and every 24 months for members 21 and over. To find a vision provider, search our Provider Directory and select “Vision” for type of provider.

Hardware (the eye glasses themselves) is covered for members under 21 years of age with the Apple Health program. Click to find a list of locations where you may purchase eye wear. Under Specialty, select "Eyewear Supplier."