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Filing a Grievance

What is a Grievance and who can file one?

You or your authorized representative have the right to file a complaint. This is called a grievance. We will help you file a grievance. Grievances are complaints about:

  • The way you were treated,
  • The quality of care or services you received, 
  • Problems getting care,
  • Billing issues,
  • Attitude and service. 

The grievance process allows you, or your authorized representative (family member, etc.) acting on your behalf (authorization to disclose information (PDF)), to file a grievance either orally or in writing. A provider may not file a grievance on your behalf. Coordinated Care staff are available to assist you in completing forms or other procedural steps to file a grievance.

There are no time limits for filing grievances. You may file a grievance at any time. If you need help filing a grievance, call Coordinated Care at 1-877-644-4613. Or for TTY, call 711

What happens after I file a Grievance?

We will let you know we received your grievance within two business days. We will try to take care of your grievance right away. We will investigate and resolve your grievance within 45 calendar days and tell you how it was resolved.  You have the right to appeal an adverse decision (if any made) by us.

If you are a client with behavioral health needs, the Ombuds is someone that can help you with questions and filing grievances.  If you need information about how to contact your local Ombuds, call Coordinated Care at 1-877-644-4613 or go to and select the mental health tab on the left.