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The Core


While you’re trying to keep up with life as a busy parent, it’s easy to forget the little things like:

  • Soda and other sweet drinks can stifle a child’s bone growth;
  • Being active at least 2.5 hrs. a week (less than 15 min. a day) can help reduce your risk of disease;
  • Getting sufficient Vitamin D can increase your metabolism.

The Core will provide you with quick, simple health tips the whole family can use.

Members of The Core will benefit from special perks:

  • Bi-weekly emails with three simple health tips to get you and your family going;
  • A “My Route to Health” wellness planner;
  • Invitations to family community events;
  • Access to our online health library to get information on specific health conditions and diseases;
  • And more!

We encourage you to step away from your busy life for a few minutes each week, focus on your individual health and get at the core of who you want to be as a parent, spouse, professional, community member, and more. It doesn’t take much time to focus on yourself and your family’s health.

Sign up for The Core today… because you’re worth it!

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